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File Specifications
Should my file(s) include any bleed?
  No bleed is necessary.  All banners are trimmed to finished size, with edge to edge printing.
What file size is required?
  Raster based files (i.e.-jpeg, tiff) or images embedded within vector based files should be a minimum of 72 dpi at 100% scale.  Any size 100% vector based file is acceptable (convert text to curves).
What file types do you accept?
  While most file types CAN be converted and printed, the following are preferred for the best output quality:


Also acceptable:

* All raster based files should be a minimum of 72dpi at 100% scale for best results.
* All vector based files should have text converted to curves.  Exporting to .pdf or .eps is preferred.
Where should I send files?
  Please click the tab to the left labeled "Send Us Your Files", in the Information section.